The GREAT Dodgeball Challenge

The Great Dodgeball Challenge fundraising event is coming up on Saturday, April 30. The event will be held in the gym of the West Salem High School.  The cost to enter a team into the tournament is $275 for a team of 8 players. We are looking for companies to sponsor a team and any extra donations would be greatly appreciated.   For questions or additional information, contact Jeff or Cheryl Miller at 503-999-5210 or


Each team shall consist of up to 8 players total.  The game shall be played between two teams of 6 players (2 players must be of the opposite sex).  To begin play there must be 6 players per team on the court.  You may have up to 2 other players as substitutes.  Substitutes are not allowed to rotate into the game during normal play.  Substitutes shall only enter the game during the time-outs or in the case of injury.